Download the FREE Hugin Lite

How to get started with Hugin software

The best way to learn more about the Hugin technology is to try it yourself. Download our free demo, Hugin Lite, which is a limited version of Hugin Developer / Hugin Researcher.

Hugin Lite includes both our easy-to-learn graphical user interface and our Hugin Decision Engine with all four API's (Application Programming Interfaces). The Hugin Lite package also contains a full library of pre-built knowledge bases from various business areas.

The free trial version is limited to handle max. 50 states and learn from max. 500 cases.

The Hugin Decision Engine that comes with Hugin Lite is currently available with interfaces for four different programming environments: the C API, the C++ API, the .NET API, the Java API and as an ActiveX-Server (For Visual Basic).

It is prohibited to use the free Hugin Lite for any other purpose than the demonstration of capabilities and proof of concept.

If you would like to know more about the technology at work behind the scene, go to our developer site where you can find system requirements, documentation and tutorials for all major functionality.

Download Free Hugin Lite - Windows

Download Free Hugin Lite - Linux

Download Free Hugin Lite - Mac OS X

A Japanese language file for the HUGIN Graphical User Interface can be obtained from our reseller in Japan.